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McCabe Law Group, P.A. offers estate Planning, trust, and probate services. Our attorneys assist people from all backgrounds by listening to their needs and tailoring our services to fit their unique situation and budget. By utilizing a comprehensive process and asking you the tough questions, our attorneys are able to create custom designed solutions for you and your family.

The attorneys of McCabe Law Group, P.A. have one goal: to assist our clients in providing for their heirs and transferring their assets in a manner that reaches their objectives and minimizes taxes and transfer costs. We strive to create plans that protect your interest while being understandable for all parties involved. It is important for our clients and their families to understand all facets of the estate plan, so it can be fully and effectively carried out.

In addition to estate planning, the firm’s practice includes a component of estate and trust administration. Our role in this aspect is primarily as an advisor to individuals named to settle estates or trusts. Whether as advisors or as the individual charged with settling the estate or trust, our goal is always to assist in the transfer of the clients’ estates to their beneficiaries with a minimum of tax costs, transfer costs, time, and complexity.

Every person has a unique mosaic of life that includes family, interests and dreams. At McCabe Law Group, P.A. we look at your life, listen to your needs, and tailor our services to fit your requirements. With a comprehensive process and custom designed estate plans, we can assist with small to large estates. With our help, your plan will provide for all your loved ones, including children and pets, and meet both your simple and complex health and financial needs. We recognize that our clients’ family needs extend beyond wills, trusts, and powers of attorney. Our services fall along a continuum of needs. Additionally, the staff will help take care of our clients and their families during their lifetime and after they are gone.


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